HAPPY MONSTER Greeting card & finger toy

Happy Monster is a good monster who wants to play and to be the friend of all kids! He is always having fun!
This is the version of Happy Monster that is a greeting card and a finger toy.
How it works?
1. Write something at the front of the card for the person you want to surprise. Then this person will have to:
2. Cut and fold the 2 pieces A and B, as explained at the back of the card.
3. Position the adhesive dot included at the plastic bag.
4. Happy Monster is ready to play as finger toy!

Content: 1 Card.
Dimensions: 10×15 cm.
Material: Paper.
Produced by: Itunube. Made in Spain.

It is not recommended for kids under 3 years old due to the small parts.

All prices include VAT except for clients with a valid EU VAT number.


Weight 0.019 kg
Dimensions 10 x 15 cm