The use of the Web identifies the User as such, and implies the total acceptance and without reserves of each and every one of the dispositions included in this Legal Warning in the version published by Itunube at the same moment at which the User gains access to the Web. Consequently, the User must kindly read the present Legal Warning each time he sets out to use the Web, since he can undergo modifications.



Itunube does not become person in charge of the Webs for which it is not responsible to which “links” can be accessed or of any content made available by third parties.
Any use of a link or access to a Web beyond our control is done by will and exclusive risk of the user and Itunube recommends neither guaranties no data obtained through a link other people’s to the Web of Itunube nor takes responsibility of no loss, claim or damage derived from the use of a link, or from the data obtained through him, including other links or Webs, from the interruption in the service or the access, or on the attempt to use or to use a link badly, as much when connecting to the Web of Itunube like a acceding to the information of other Webs from the Web of Itunube.



The information and services including or available through the websites can include typesetter incorrectnesses or errors. Of periodic form changes to the contained information are gotten up. Itunube can at any time introduce improvements and/or changes in the services or contents.

Itunube has obtained information and materials including in Web of sources considered like trustworthy, but, although the corresponding measures have been taken to assure that the contained information is correct, does not guaranty that exact and it is updated.

Notice also that the contents of this Web have two purposes, an informative purpose as far as the quality, situation, services and rates and another one regarding product purchase.



Itunube declines any responsibility in case interruptions exist or a bad operation of the services or contents offered in Internet, whatever its cause. Also, Itunube does not become person in charge by falls of the network, losses of business as a result of these falls, temporary suspensions of the electrical fluid or any other type. Itunube does not declare nor guaranties that the services or contents are not interrupted or that they are free of errors, that the defects are corrected, or that the service or the servant makes that it available are free of virus or other injurious components, still with the possibility that Itunube realises its better efforts in avoiding this type of incidents. In case the User made certain decisions in base to the information including in anyone of websites, the verification of the information received using other sources is recommended.



The contents given by Itunube as well as the contents published in the network through their websites, constitute a work in the sense of the legislation on intellectual property reason why are applicable protégée’s by the laws and international treaties in the matter.

It is prohibited any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation, putting to disposition and, generally, any other act of public operation referred so much to the websites as to his contents and information, without the express and previous consent and in writing of Itunube.

Consequently, all the commercial contents that especially are in different websites and, designs, texts, graphs, logos, icons, bottoms, software, names, industrial marks, drawings or any other susceptible signs of industrial and commercial use are subject to rights of intellectual and industrial property of Itunube or titular third parties of which there are authorized properly his inclusion in different websites.

The formal contents, images, forms, opinions, index and other expressions that compose the website, as well as necessary software for the operation and visualization of the same, also constitute a work in the sense of the Right of Author and are, therefore, protected by the international conventions and national legislations in the matter of intellectual Property that is applicable. The breach of the indicated thing implies the commission of serious illicit acts and its sanction by the civil and penal legislation.

It is prohibited all act which the Users of the contained services can explode or use commercially, directly or indirectly, in its totality or partially, of anyone of the formal contents, images, forms, index and other expressions that comprise of the websie without previous permission and in writing of Itunube.

In particular, and without exhaustive character, any acts of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, broadcasting, emission in any form, storage in hardware or logical (for example, diskettes or hard disk of computers), digitalization or made available from data bases different from the pertaining ones to the authorized one by Itunube are strictly forbidden, as well as its translation, adaptation, adjustment or any other transformation of these opinions, formal images, forms, index and other expressions that put at the disposal of the Users through the services or contents, in as much such acts are put under the applicable legislation in the matter of intellectual, industrial Property or of protection of the image.

Itunube is free to limit the websites access, and products and/or services in her offered, as well as the consequent publication of the opinions, observations, images or commentaries that the Users can make him arrive through electronic mail.

Itunube in this sense, will be able to establish, if it considers it opportune, notwithstanding the unique and exclusive responsibility of the Users, the filters necessary in order to avoid that through his website they can be spilled in the network contained or opinions, considered like racists, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or that, of any way, foster violence or the dissemination of clearly illicit or injurious contents.

Those Users who send to the websites of Itunube, to their department of suggestions, observations, opinions or commentaries by means of the service of electronic mail, unless express of certain way and unmistakable the opposite, in the cases in which by the nature of the services or contents it is possible, is understood that they authorise to Itunube for the reproduction, distribution, exhibition, transmission, broadcasting, emission in any format, storage in hardware or logical (for example, diskettes or hard disk of computers), digitalization, make available from data bases pertaining to Itunube, translation, adaptation, adjustment or any other transformation of such observations, opinions or commentaries, by all along of protection of author right who is predicted legally.

Also, it is understood that this authorisation is made under gratuitous title, and that by the simple fact of sending by electronic mail such observations, opinions or commentaries, the Users decline any pretension of refunding from Itunube.

In agreement with the indicated thing in the previous paragraph, Itunube is also authorised to come to the modification or alteration from such observations, opinions or commentaries, in order to adapt them to the needs of publishing format of the websites, without for that reason it can be understood that any type of injury of any of the faculties exists absolutely morals of author right who the Users could show on those.

They are prohibited any of the technical, logical or technological resources by virtue from which a third party can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, of each and every one of the contents, formal forms, index and other expressions that compose of the website, or the carried out effort by Itunube for their operation.

In particular, it is prohibited all link, hyperlink, framing or similar bond that can settle down in the direction of the website of Itunube without the previous, express consent and in writing of Itunube. Any infringement of the arranged thing in this point will be considered like injury of the legitimate rights of intellectual Property of Itunube on the website and all the contents of the same.

Itunube will not assume responsibility some before derived consequences of the conducts and activities before mentioned, in the same way that responsibility will not assume some by the contents, services, products, etc., of third parties to which it is possible to be acceded directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from websites of Itunube.